I Yearn for….

2 10 2008
Every single soul yearns for something. When I was a child, I yearned for Christmas Season. Maybe because of the legendary promise of the story of St. Nicolas (Santa Claus), in which even my playmates is looking forward to see what Santa Claus will give them for the year. I still remember arguing with my mother on Christmas Eve, forcing me to sleep. I really wanted to see Santa Claus, because, I know, I’m a good girl, I’m not naughty, I always obey my parents so maybe Santa Claus will give me the best gift  for the year. I imagined him as a big man with a big belly, blonde hair and mustache, old, with green eyes, wearing Santa’s Hats and Pajamas. I also imagined his reindeers with him especially Rudolf. I even told my father, Santa Claus doesn’t visits us because we don’t have a chimney. Well, of course, I’d seen it in cartoon movies.


 It was only when I graduated in High School, that I learned the secret behind why until now I failed to see Santa Claus on our doorsteps. It is a little secret that I’m keeping it with myself for the single reason I do not want to disappoint my little brother and pamangkins.


Now, I still long for Christmas. But for the reason that it was the happiest time of the year when all my family, relatives, friends are there, celebrating the joyous season. Now, I’m the one playing Santa Claus with all my pamangkin’s and ina-anak. It is indeed a very rewarding role, at least for me, every Christmas Season, because I can show them how I loved them.


Oh, I love Christmas!