Noble thoughts

16 03 2009

It was nice seeing kids, children, young men & women enjoying every minute of their day. But sometimes, its so hard to feel cheery when you see people in the streets are wasted. Every man & women, I believe, God has a plan for them. Every time I see beggars, children walking barefoot, men sleeping on the sidewalks, I cant help asking myself, “Why, What are they doing with their lives? If only these people are given a chance to work (but of course, with their own effort) they are for sure, play a vital role in making this world a better place to live in.

Life, in general, is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, you are happy, sometimes you don’t. Things may be bad for now-but these things won’t stay bad forever. We need Change. We have to act NOW. We have to make a Big Move for ourselves (at least it start from ourselves).

We have to make few adjustments especially on our self for betterment. Things won’t be easy as you may think. But life would be pretty much easier, when at least you are moving step by step, rising yourself from the downs to ups. Because there is no such thing as overnight success. If you fail again, or even many times, do not be discouraged. Just try and try again, because when you do well in trying, then, you can beat failure. Time will come to you with success.

Of course, Success is not just good luck., it is attainable by HARDWORK,

Life is depends in every person hands. Hurdling challenges are difficult, but if others can, why can’t you? Start moving now, before its too late.




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