What a GIRL wants???

25 05 2009

I had this one night, i can’t sleep, i was thinking of what would happen the next day. I came to realized that i wasnt happy of what I am right now. My everyday life became a routine, from waking up, getting to work, taking dinner, going to bed. I realized i wasnt really happy after all. I needed something to break the routine. I was even thinking of trying new things like cigars, alcohol, going to party everynight. But if all this stuff would rule me. then it was not me. I was a little confused. So I asked myself, What i Want??

It takes time for me to think what i really wanted, of what i really needed. I have my family with me, i have work, i have friends, and what else…. There, I needed to shift career, jejeje, but it seem so hard.

Well, i just needed somebody who can see me as who I am and as what i am. I don’t need somebody who can’t even stand for me. I even asked the Lord God to give me now my-would-be-special-someone. This is not a wanted-boyfriend-syndrome. But this is merely an expression of my thoughts and feelings. I was once had a very special friend, i used to call him, nan-nan.

I described him as responsible, God Fearing, thoughtful, loving, caring, sweet, good looking boyfriend. My girl friends like him because he’s so jolly and sociable. He can easily get along with my friends.

I cant believed the first time he asked me to marry him..i even said, woahhh, you’re dreaming Mr…. he looked so sad. I didnt mean to be rude. It just that, its hard to believed.  My girl friends told me to say yes. Im not yet sure that time. He even thinks i dont really loved him that much. I turned down his proposal. That is, the biggest regret i ever made, i lied to him, i told him, I can’t marry you because i’m not yet ready, and i’m not yet sure of my feelings for you. I dont know if this is really love, it still can wait nan-nan..

I was so pissed that time. I even wanted to kill myself for hurting him.  We broke up. After a week his cousin called me and said, he will be flying to U.S. by noon. I was so totally blinded by my emotion. He went to U.S. without me saying sorry.

I lost him. We’ll, now what i really wanted was to see him happy with his new girl.

I hope i can find someone like nan-nan.


Oh, GOSH!!!!!!

24 05 2009


I wasn’t expecting that today would be the most embarrassing day of my life. I accompany a friend who is not really close to me in a mall.  We only know each other for quite a long time, he was only introduced by a friend for almost a year now.  But we dont go out much.  

Well, my friend is a guy.  We are totally opposite. We don’t have anything in common.

 I just thought, he only needed someone who can accompany him. We finished shopping for bags and some gifts for his mom and dad, when he pulled me inside the Watson Store. He said, he will buy something. So i went with him, trying to be so nice because i was so tired na. He looked around the store then finally picked something, I was even delighted to see what he was holding. He asked what’s best, is it orange or mint. I thought, it was a candy. So I said, mint. He smiled. I was looking at the other flavors, then later i realized we were at the condom & lubricants section. I was so shocked. I felt my face turned bloody red.  I looked at him, then i saw the saleslady was watching us. I step backward just to  pretend i was looking for something. I looked backed to the saleslady,  she’s smiling. Then i realized, i was holding to a PT kit. Oh, what a mess. I was really embarrassed.

 I left my friend. I went to the food section. I waited for him there.  Finally, after 5 minutes, he showed  up, then said, hindi ko binili, maraming pila, let’s go. So there, my most embarrassing day in my life.

Hahahahaha…. lolz  

 mukhang pinagtaguan aq ng mga anghel…



16 05 2009

It was  only yesterday when i happen to see a man full of character, even he haven’t spoken any word yet (hahaha).

I was so tired and we had a meeting almost the whole day yesterday. Its nearly 8:00 in the evening when i logged out  from the office. My officemates were asking me if I would be able  join them for a dinner or shopping at SM. Tempting, but, what i really wanted right that moment was a  good sleep. 

I headed alone at the sidestreet to wait for a jeepney via RECTO. My mind was so busy thinking of what to do the next day.  Then a jeepney was coming, then it stopped, and i sit in the passengers area  on the right side.

 I was getting some coins in my bag. I know i had a very strong instinct especially when someone is staring at me. I gave first my fare to the driver then i look up slowly on my left. There he was, a stranger, staring at me.

I looked straight to him, then he kept on staring at me. I glanced on him once in a while, but really he keeps on staring at me. Then, he smiled. He got  perfect smile. He looks like younger version of YUL SERVO, more taller than him though. He had a cute dimple. He’s totally handsome. He’s respectable looking. He’s wearing denim short and a blue polo. Very masculine. What more I can say? (hahaha…:)

What is Friendship anyway…

16 05 2009

What is friendship anyway…..

Some people say that friendship is the only channel that human beings can ever experience true security. A good friend is hard to come by, but when they do come you can usually expect to share some common interests – they may like the same sport, go to the same school or be on the same wave length with you. Because of these qualities some people develop many acquaintances, but only a few good friends in their life time.

It is said that companionship ends and true friendship begins when someone knows what you are really like, but still like you anyway. A true friend shows dedication and loyalty from the very beginning of the relationship. A friend will go through challenges to help you without expecting anything in return. A “friend” today may unknowingly become a “true friend” tomorrow when they get involved in unexpected circumstances together with you – such as when you are going through a difficult experience and your friend was there to help you out. On occasions it is said that you can count your true friends on one hand.

Other people seem to go through life having a multitude of friends. They may be funny or they may have a bright and pleasant personality. For these people, wherever they go, people seem to like them and welcome their company. However others seem to go through life with no friends at all. They like to be alone, to travel by themselves or to do their own thing. Others though, thought they had good friends, but when they go through challenging life experiences, their friends were not there to help them.

I guess the point is that in some cases friendship can be real, while in other cases it’s merely lip service.