16 05 2009

It was  only yesterday when i happen to see a man full of character, even he haven’t spoken any word yet (hahaha).

I was so tired and we had a meeting almost the whole day yesterday. Its nearly 8:00 in the evening when i logged out  from the office. My officemates were asking me if I would be able  join them for a dinner or shopping at SM. Tempting, but, what i really wanted right that moment was a  good sleep. 

I headed alone at the sidestreet to wait for a jeepney via RECTO. My mind was so busy thinking of what to do the next day.  Then a jeepney was coming, then it stopped, and i sit in the passengers area  on the right side.

 I was getting some coins in my bag. I know i had a very strong instinct especially when someone is staring at me. I gave first my fare to the driver then i look up slowly on my left. There he was, a stranger, staring at me.

I looked straight to him, then he kept on staring at me. I glanced on him once in a while, but really he keeps on staring at me. Then, he smiled. He got  perfect smile. He looks like younger version of YUL SERVO, more taller than him though. He had a cute dimple. He’s totally handsome. He’s respectable looking. He’s wearing denim short and a blue polo. Very masculine. What more I can say? (hahaha…:)




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