Oh, GOSH!!!!!!

24 05 2009


I wasn’t expecting that today would be the most embarrassing day of my life. I accompany a friend who is not really close to me in a mall.  We only know each other for quite a long time, he was only introduced by a friend for almost a year now.  But we dont go out much.  

Well, my friend is a guy.  We are totally opposite. We don’t have anything in common.

 I just thought, he only needed someone who can accompany him. We finished shopping for bags and some gifts for his mom and dad, when he pulled me inside the Watson Store. He said, he will buy something. So i went with him, trying to be so nice because i was so tired na. He looked around the store then finally picked something, I was even delighted to see what he was holding. He asked what’s best, is it orange or mint. I thought, it was a candy. So I said, mint. He smiled. I was looking at the other flavors, then later i realized we were at the condom & lubricants section. I was so shocked. I felt my face turned bloody red.  I looked at him, then i saw the saleslady was watching us. I step backward just to  pretend i was looking for something. I looked backed to the saleslady,  she’s smiling. Then i realized, i was holding to a PT kit. Oh, what a mess. I was really embarrassed.

 I left my friend. I went to the food section. I waited for him there.  Finally, after 5 minutes, he showed  up, then said, hindi ko binili, maraming pila, let’s go. So there, my most embarrassing day in my life.

Hahahahaha…. lolz  

 mukhang pinagtaguan aq ng mga anghel…





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