life has been…

29 06 2009

College life was the most memorable times in my life. I met different people from all walks of life.  I found friends and I found enemies too. I found mentors and I found detractors too. Life is uncertain. The only certain is change.

College has been very special because I learned to dream. I learned to face my fears and troubles.  I learned to trust and not to easily trust. I learned to seek comfort from my friends, and my friends learn to do the same.

Life back then was an every other day disaster. It was in those days that I have been down and troubled. I even remember, Sunday afternoon, I was getting ready for school tomorrow, i was packing my things and waiting for two o’clock for the bus heading to Tuguegarao when Mama called me. She was crying. At first, i hesitated to asked her. Then she began talking. I felt so numb, feeling nothing and helpless. It doesn’t even occur to me what was my mother talking about. After awhile, i was crying too, no, sobbing was the right word. I wasn’t been afraid in my whole life until that hurtful and crazy afternoon. Since i was a child, I have been secured with comfort and loved. People see us above them. We, as family, were happy. It didn’t occur to me once that one in the family  will leave us beyond those foolishness.  Where’s the love? Where’s the promise? Where’s the magic? I kept asking it to myself. Are we not  enough to make him stay? I have loved my father so much. I adore him, why not, I’m a Papa’s Girl.  I always thought I’m his favorite.

Life has been very difficult. Me and Mama have to keep it to ourselves. She don’t want my siblings to know about it. So it goes like a non-ending rain and storm for two months.

My father came home, because his aunt died. Who, in his life, became his second mother. Papa came home. I was so sure to be happy then if I had only not known about it.  Though, I missed him so much that i wanted to hug him.

At last, they talked, then surprisingly, they are back together again. I believed it was loved after all. They found love again, they found a shared promise and they have a sparkling magic, us a s their children.

It’s so confusing, but I don’t even try to react and asked what happened. What i really wanted to hear that time was a happy thoughts, a happy plan, and a happy get-together.  I was soooo happy. Now, i am more than happy.

Life is simple, its just not easy. Life’s not always fair.  Sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow.




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