23 07 2009


We had gone to ISAP together and been friends ever since. Mike and Leo were as different as night and day. They have their own unique personality. Mike is tall and lean. Leo is tall & round. Both were easy going, open and of course, they loved women, hahahaha…

Emz and I were stocky, sometimes grumpy and we loved controlling things, but most of all, of course, pretty and sweet.We loved talking about future, our hope and expectations, and our times of yore. We always don’t have enough time talking. We loved to daydream for hours on end.

We all met each other on our first year of college & our friendship started at the same time. Emz took up BSBA. We, Leo, Mike and I took up BSCA.

LEO, the ever blushing bhezts is warm and very lively among us. He carries with him, tons of sex appeal, as they say. He loved girls, well the feeling is mutual because girls loved him too.

MIKE is moody. He’s sometimes funny. Whenever he starts a green joke, he will always say ‘’PEACE!’’ to me… He’s in good shape though not quite. He’s also fun to be with.

Anyway, the two men treat me as their younger sister. Well, I like that. I have always wanted to have big brother.

EMZ inspite of her considerable wit and intelligence, she’s an admirably unassuming person to the point of being humble. She loves to talk and of course Smile until the day ends. Too smart, tough and brilliant.

We were deeply attached to each other, and always had a good time together. We saw a lot of each other, more so than other of our circle of friends.

We shared joys & hopes & disappointments, and even grief sometimes. We were totally compatible and the best of friends. We do not tolerate each others foibles but we try to understand each other in important ways. It was fitting that we found each other. Despite our quirks & oddity, there’s no doubt about the fact that were far more than fond of each other.

What we had was a deep a bond of affection which had withstood the test of time, no matter how often or seldom we talked & see each other, the best of all is that, whenever we were together, all of us had a real good time.

Well, of course there are more friends and we loved & missed all of them so much.

Sometimes when I’m weary, I just have to do something fun that I loved. Seeing old pictures & remembering special moments is one of those fun things. Because I always had this feeling that being with them even in thoughts always felt right & real. We always had a terrific time, just talking & laughing & being together. We never ran out of things to talk about, and always had fun.

The seven (7) years of friendship was tested through time. Each of us had been unfailingly supportive.

We become the biggest cheerleaders for one another. The support & encouragement are one of those strong ties that bond us together. Success & happiness are important to us. We were happy in every fleeting moments and we are more than happy for each other’s achievement & success. The sense of belonging & connectedness in us is very important. We find simple happiness with God.




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