12 08 2009

I was inspired to write this little story of my own version of “the funny, very amusing, and unexpected proposal”.

Actually there are two; the first one was a proposal from my long time boyfriend. But it’s not funny. It was more of a strange and eerie kind of proposal. It was a scary, spine-chilling, startling proposal. It’s not because I’m afraid of my boyfriend, but I don’t know why there’s something that’s holding me. We are not together anymore, since I told him, I can’t marry him, but he’s still keep coming back.

The second one was a funny proposal. I was getting ready for the English class of the fast-track class when Mrs. Ding told me to prepare an icebreaker. What I prepared was kind of unusual. I like preparing lessons for them. This time, it’s a acting game. They have to respond or execute what they had picked from the magic bowl. It was like a charade thing.

One of them played like he has been fired by an incompetent boss, one played like she received a birthday cake then blows it. Some played by pairs like they saw a snake, driving, etc. The most interesting, arresting and amusing part was when Wang Jian approached me and kneeled down next to me where I was comfortably sitting and gave me a paper-improvised ring. The class was in a tremendous laughter and joy. I was so embarrassed and shocked at the same time. I wasn’t really expecting it. I was caught off-guard. Hmmm… I never thought they could be that crazy. LOL…

Wang Jian (Robert) is a friend of Stanley. I like Stanley more merely because he can speak English better than Robert. He can communicate with me. Robert is a man of few words (kc di nagsasalita at all..) Anyway, both are good-looking, impressive, pleasant, affable, true, good-humored, and kind-hearted fellow.




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