25 08 2009

“I’m getting married…” she said.

I remember the first time i met her..She’s dashing with smile, elegant and confidence. She’s a crowd favorite. She may look so thin and vulnerable but she’s smart and tough. She took up BSBA.  I took up BSCA.  We are bestfriends.  Actually we are four bestfriends, the other are two gentlemen, jejeje. They’re both in Taiwan right now. See, they also stick together, as we, emz and I stuck together as best friends.

I love her. No doubt.  She never argue with me. I, the one, who always argue with her.

Me being the friend that I didn’t show my true feelings, I said that I was happy for her and that I am glad she has found someone that will make her happy.  This was such a hard thing for me to do.  I think one of my biggest concerns is that I will lose my best friend through all of this.

I’ve also realized that I am being extremely selfish.  I am going to accept this and wish her the best…. But this is really hard for me to do… Sighs…..I hope things work out for the best for her and I am wrong about losing my BEST friend!  But I am going to miss her…




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