about me (Lhengg-lheng)

i created this blog because sometimes there are so many things  i want to share, thoughts that i want to write, feelings that i have to let go. I thought this blog fits me and words will not fail me.

i was tossing and turning and all of a sudden it all came to me, solid but not lengthy, I always make sure i have a pen and paper with me, starting from scratch, broad overview, and then sculpted it in a more comprehensive idea and writings. I always wrote bits and pieces and then jigsawed them together. I tried to keep things interesting and just kept writing.  

I was once wrote a story when i was in high school, though it was more of a novel, love story and tagalog. hahhahaaa… my friends encourage me do it, to the extent they helped me write..How? I will tell them word by word what happens next and they will  write down on my notebook.. jejeje. And oh, I  love them for that. When the story was finished, of course, I did the proof reading. Afterwards, my friends and classmates borrowed it, my teachers, my sister and even my mother. As graduation was approaching, i lost track  who last borrowed it. I always wanted to write again another story, but my time permits me not, haizzzt.

this blog is like a friend whom i can rely on and confide on. Hard Things went easy and my loads lighten. Please leave some comment when you drop by at this blog. I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks.


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