What’s in C.H.I.T.O thing?

29 06 2009

Reminiscing college years was nice. April & I sometimes find time to do it. And always, we ended up laughing and breathless. Breathless  because we find those memories happy, sometimes sad and even hurtful. And i want to write something about my friends. I just don’t know how to start. So that, if in the future, i may not be able to recognized them, i can always open this blog  and hopefully flashbacks may come as i read this. I want to start with a special friend. He is special because, I think I’m the only sincere friend he got in our CA class.

I thought of him, when April mentioned that she saw Chito, just along Morayta during her review. She probably figured out that it was Chito, because as far as I am concerned, they don’t know each other yet. They are not yet properly introduced and they don’t get along well. The only thing they knew is that, Im Aprils’ Dorm mate and Chito was my classmate.

I haven’t seen him for a long time and I never thought of him since our last meeting until now.

Chito was  closed to my heart. He idolized, of course his katokayo, Chito Miranda. He also sings and dance. He don’t like our classmates, at least that’s what I feel, or maybe the other way around. Annie and I are the only roses among the thorns, jejeje, in our CA class.  Though, he has a lot of friends, and I can say, he’s famous, but in our class, he’s the infamous one.  He got looks (i mean,  the arrive thing, as what they call it).

Always, in our CA class, he will  find ways to sit beside me. He’s jolly and has a sense of humor. He sits like, he’s in their living room. He’s always closed to me that sometimes, i feel so embarassed and sometimes uncomfortable sitting beside him. Of course, our profs noticed it,  especially Ms. Mariett, our Custom laws professor and also our adviser. But she doesn’t even give a damned, or even try to tell us what to do. Maybe, she finds that, we are now college students, and we should act and be responsible in our own.

My other friends would always tell me, “masyado kayong close, kulang na lang, sumandig siya sa balikat  mo”. Sometimes, they would say, ” Annie, dito ka na lang tumabi, may tatabi naman sa kanya mamaya“. I really don’t understand why they despised Chito so much. He’s a friend, and will always be a friend to me, I like himas brother, a brother, who in some ways, shows how weak and vulnerable he may be.  Sometimes, I asked myself, ” Why are they so mean?”. I always felt that Chito only attends the class because I’m still there for him, as a friend.  Annie, said once, “Boyfriend mo ba si Chito?” I was shocked, hearing it from a friend. I said “no”, because it was the truth. They are all weird.

Chito calls me “Ma”, short for Malou, How lazy?, one syllable wouldn’t hurt. My other friends raised their eyebrows when they first heard him called me “Ma”. That’s what he wants to call me, so what can I do.

I am a friend and sometimes a confidante.  I still remember his face and his excitements when he told me he has a crush. Wow, that’s new. I know the girl, she’s so nice and kind and she was taking up nursing at that time. He told me, he wanted to court her. I was happy, that he was moving on his own. He mingles and hang out with his friends from Med department.  I saw him happy and even slowly talking with our classmates. He’s not that really aloof. He’s just uncomfortable with the rest of the classmates around.

The rest of the class stayed aloof to him, and it even became worse because Chito was no longer attending classes. If I remember it right, I think it was his mother who came to the school and said that Chito was not welcome to the class. That’s so unfair and untrue.

Well, that’s all i remember about him. I haven’t seen him since then.   🙂